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The complex emotional state in which a person feels the carefree emotion of joy, the nerve-wracking emotion of guilt, and the unrestrained emotion of love. All three emotions MUST be present to achieve wronity.
Capitalizing the word destroys its meaning.
Daequonda: "Hey, you coming to the party tonight, best friend?"
Alfonso: "No, I can't. I have to go somewhere else."
Daequonda: "Now the party's ruined! Thanks!"


Alfonso: "Rahkeesha, will you marry me?"
Rahkeesha: "Yes, Alfonso!"
Alfonso: "Yes! I feel so confused right now! I feel our love together, the joy of our engagement, but still feel guilty for skipping my best friend's party!"
Joe (Bystander): "Whoa man, that's some serious wronity you got goin on."
by kyleraiders15 May 28, 2011
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