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short for worongary; which means "heavily sedated" in latin. wrongaz is a socialist town situated in the secluded hinterland located behind the neon-monstrosity that is known as the Gold Coast.

wrongaz is the breeding ground of a highly influential music scene, paving the way in the fields of:
post rock
prog rock
post prog rock
post post prog rock
fish with mayo

people from wrongaz are generally regarded as being of a higher importance than those from neighbouring suburbs

also known to have better, more interesting names

person 1: how come kensukai kematchi gets free chicken sauce on his mcnuggets?

person 2: apparently he's from wrongaz

person 1: ahh I see, it all makes sense now

Bouncer: its a $20 entry fee tonight

Trip Fontaine: I'm from wrongaz

Bouncer: oh, really? sorry sir, my fault, come right through.
by avey tare September 21, 2008
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