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writing on IM can consist of...
shortning of words so that the proccess of typing is shortened...because seriously some people dont want to read paragraphs when there IMing around 5 people at the same time!!

.........lol lmao lmfao jk wtf sn im aim omg omfg sXe hXc camfmofo ugh hey wassup wazzup haha lolz nvm nm w/e h/j b/j....i think you get the point...........

also some people like to make the words look cooler by substituting letters for numbers or other letters, sometimes repeating a letter
(so be carefull when reading so you dont miss read somthing and make a disaster happer because of it)
writing on IM....

1. 0mfg i jst g0t bak frum z0cc3r
(i find that kind annoying sometimes personally)

2. omfg i lost my HW and if my mom finds out im dead!

3. ii lost my diinosaur iin the iice cream OR rawr! iim a Diinosaur

4. person 1: hey wazzup person 2: nm u? person 1: same

5. ! l05t my n3w v!d30 g4m3 5y5t3m !n th3 p00l

by BackPack December 07, 2005