When a male pulls off his pants and steps over another person, who is currently asleep, and then proceeds to sing "I came in like a wrecking ballll....!!!!" and swings his testicles across the now awaken victim.
"Dude, I was at Dave's sleepover last night and I totally Wrecking Balled Owen.
by SwaggerLord_god December 21, 2013
The process of smacking testicles with testicles during homosexual anal sex
Did you hear? John and Dan were wrecking balls!
by samsterbot November 15, 2010
When a guy whips his junk around and starts smashing shit with it
that wrecking ball just left a hole in the girls face!
by stampeder115 January 30, 2010
a fucked up fetish where women hook a round ball of 5 to 10 pounds to there pussy and swirl it around like there's no tomorrow, while playing the song wrecking ballsack. You have to be careful when girls are doing this shit because the bitch can hit you in the fucking face by accident.
Girl-you hit me like a wrecking ball!
man-eyo you got a fucking weight hooked up to your stinky pussy
girl-so I don't cat caaaaaaaare cuz youuuuuu hit meeeeeeeeeee likeeeeee a wreccccking baaaaaaaaaaal
man(beats the shit out of the chick)
by Yacker's Popular Words November 06, 2013
The act of taping the Penis to the stomach. Than proceeding to swing your ball sack like a pendulum into another persons face.
Tea-bagging is for pussies, instead, destroy her face with a Wrecking Ball.
by therealfuckingchibi February 02, 2013
The sexual act of a man slapping his testicles against any part of a woman's body. This is normally done by the man holding his penis while swinging his hips, which will cause his testicles to swing in a pattern reminiscent of a wrecking ball.
Last night I was fucking this chick and I totally pulled out, grabbed my dick and started wrecking balling that chick's pussy.
by Samurai Prime May 08, 2011
When nailing a chick hardcore...your balls are slapping her so hard...you leave red marks like you are gonna tear through her anal cavity.
I was banging Jill last night so hard. My balls almost busted her anal hyman like a wrecking ball.
by jt1224 September 04, 2009

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