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6 definitions by BAMF

A secondary residence, kept secret from one's spouse, used for extramarital sexual encounters.
Tony lives in the suburbs with his wife but uses a small apartment in the city as a stabbin' cabin when he wants to have sex with his 19 year old filpino girlfriend.
by BAMF March 31, 2005
A piece of feces that's so huge, parts of it stick up out of the water.
Joe didn't have a BM for two days but when he finally went, it was a freakin' iceburg!
by BAMF March 31, 2005
a degradation of a persons character; like calling them a pussy
your a bitch-ass muthafucka
by bamf September 13, 2003
A female member of the BAMF forums. Almost always ugly. Assuredly snotty. Likes it up the ass.

see also netslut, dirty netwhore
Boy that eekers sure is one hell of a mofemme.
by bamf April 08, 2003
The testicle of a man who has had one of his testicles removed due to testicular cancer.
Lance Armstrong dumped his wife so he could slam the wrecking ball into Cheryl Crow.
by BAMF April 19, 2005
A term for pretty much anybody, though usually used for somebody one does not like.

Comes from the I'm the Juggernaut, Bitch} video
What the shit is this Charles doing?

Shut the fuck up, Charles
by Bamf June 19, 2006