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When a blumpkin-giver's face slams into and disintegrates the blumpkin-receiver's fecal matter.

There are 2 essential elements to upgrade from the familiar blumpkin in which we all engage on a regular basis to the hallowed rarity of a wrecking ball blumpkin:

1. Blumpkin-giver's face must actually make contact with the fecal matter.
2. There must be noticeable separation or breaking up of the fecal matter.
Roddy: Yeah, I got my first blumpkin ages ago, when I was 13 and playing Zelda Ocarina of Time. But it took me another 8 years of steady trying to get a wrecking ball blumpkin.

JP: She's like a 5.5, mediocre.
Stu: She gives blumpkins.
JP: Ok, 7.5-8, pretty good.
Stu: And wrecking ball blumpkins.
JP: Wow. I'm going to ask her out, what's her name?
by JrobbieRcockJ March 24, 2010
1 Word related to wrecking ball blumpkin
While receiving a particularly forceful blumpkin, the blumpkin recipient suddenly elevates off the commode, causing the blumpkin-giver's head to slam into the toilet, breaking the toilet into several pieces.
Peter could not use his toilet for weeks after Melissa's wrecking ball blumpkin smashed it into a hundred pieces.
by Marcookski January 26, 2010

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