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An acute condition affecting wreckheads, triggered by overstimulation of the brain while on psychedelic drugs.
It results in sudden paralysis, loss of balance and loss of consciousness.
<Dave> Hey look, Tesco! Shall we pop in for a drink?
<Steve> Yeah, sure.
* The wreckheads walk into the supermarket, immediately noticing how bright, colourful and trippy the place looks.
<Dave> Holy shit, this is intense.
<Steve> Yeah, innit! What do you think, Pete? ...Pete?!
* Pete is spazzing out on the floor.
<Steve> Oh fuck, I think Pete has wreckhead shock, let's get him outta here!
<Dave> Fuck's sake, who's idea was it to go into a supermarket?
by Strachman January 02, 2010
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