The act of breaking your partner's arm and then having them jerk you off while they flap their arm like a seagull trying to fly.
Jackie just gave me an awesome wounded seagull.
by the masked man121 May 16, 2012
Top Definition
The wounded seagull is an advanced sex maneuver whereby a man fractures his partner's forearm and forces his partner to jerk him off rapidly. If properly executed, the injured party will emit a noise similar to that of a wounded seagull. This continues until the man reaches climax or the injured party's fracture becomes too severe for manual manipulation.
Dick gave that girl a wounded seagull last weekend; sadly, her brilliant career as a softball pitcher came to a premature end.
by Peace Tree September 01, 2006
A term used to describe a sexual position, or situation. Often used during an orgy. This particular "maneuver" is implemented when one woman takes on a minimum of either 3, or a maximum of 5 penis' at a time. A penis in her vagina, one in her left and right hands, one in the anus and one in the mouth. With all of this action going on, she will look like a wounded seagull struggling for her life.
While watching my porn today. I elected to hold-off until I saw her preform the Wounded Seagull with five guys at once! After that, it was all over.
by TheIncredibleHolt August 29, 2007
Definition 1: The "wounded seagull" is a term for when you are having sex on a beach, and you abruptly remove your penis from your partners vagina and, stick or roll your penis in the sand, then re-insert your penis into your partner's vagina.

Definition 2: The Wounded Seagull is also the name of a bar in Crawford Hall at Wabash College in Crawfordsville Indiana, USA.
(1) "I pulled a wounded seagull on my girlfriend last night, and now she not speaking to me anymore."

(2) "I went to The Wounded Seagull Last Night and wound up doing shots of tequila and subsequently sat in a trash can full of broken glass, vomitted all over my pants, stripped naked and ran around."
by Jason Kehoe May 03, 2006
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