acronym for: Word Of The Day
Whiner:> Yesterday's WOTD on Urbandictionary was insulting, I'm removing myself!
NormalPerson:> Lighten up, the WOTDs are supposed to be funny and/or educational....whiner!
by Do.g September 15, 2005
Top Definition
A game urbandictionary editors play to see how stupid of a word they can possibly use for the Word Of The Day.
Wow, another shitty wotd.
by piece of shitttt August 23, 2008
reference to the league of legends "Win of the Day"
yo dude, wanna get on league and get wotd?
by arglefargle April 17, 2013
Whip Out The Dick
This girl was talking a lot of shit, so I had to WOTD to set her straight
by T-Knnigz October 02, 2010
Word of The Day. Specifically pertaining to Urban Dictionary's word of the day.
Hahaha you see the WOTD? Fucking classic!
by TheBiggestBossYouveSeenThusFar March 09, 2010
walking out the door
WOTD, be ready because I am not going to wait, you bitch.
by Harold November 16, 2003
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