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English Slang for "What's up?"
"Wotcha mate!"
by Jim September 07, 2003
'wotcha' is a greeting

origins: ultimately dates back hundreds of years

it's a contraction followed by a phonetic spelling of:

"what chere cheer be with you?", which was a common phrase used as a greeting

chere/cheer meant 'face' and thus referred to a person's expression of their mood
person a: 'hello!'

person b: 'wotcha!'
by ukukukukuk March 30, 2009
Short for "What you", or more specifically, "What ya"
Wotcha doin' this Sunday?
by peteac August 05, 2007
slang term for "watch yourself" or "watch out"
wotcha! you almost hit that car!
by fai1788 February 04, 2009