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a mustache that looks like a wom, usually grown by immature guys in their mid to early 20s.
Hey, check out that dude's gross wormstache!!
by AriaMelody January 11, 2008
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A reference to the season 6 gag reel of the show Supernatural, in which actor Misha Collins was dared by his costar Jared Padalecki to eat a worm he found. Misha refused, and instead wore it as a wormstache.
Jared: "Eat it. I dare you to eat it. You have to eat it."
Misha: "I'm not going to eat it, that's disgusting. I'm going to wear it as a wormstache."
(Misha puts on the worm; J2 crack up)
by TricksterTalia November 08, 2013
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