The best contraception ever invented.
Hi my name is Leeroy jenkins and i chopped off my penis due to lack of use.....what's your game?
Try World of Warcraft free at:

by fuck_ma_arse_ah April 26, 2009
yet another game where more men play than women and the men that do play, use female avatars and often confuse other players with genders.
World of Warcraft player 1: "Hey, you're a good lookin priest, nice dress."
WoW Player 2: "Thanks, it matches my hair and tatooes."
WoW Player 1: "So hey, wanna go get killed in Naxx?"
WoW player 2: "Na, I can't. My girlfriend's commin over for a movie."
WoW player 1: " you're a dude? Playing a chick toon?"
by KittyKat Tenyo April 12, 2009
World of Warcraft or WoW.
Is a highly popular and addictive MMORPG(massave multiplayer online roll playing game)your choice of races and classes include for the aliance: Humans,Night elves, Dwarfs, Gnomes, and Draenei. for the horde: Undead, troll, Taurin, Bloodelf, Orc. Classes include: Shammains,Rogues,Mages, Warriors, Palladians,Priests, Warlocks,Druids.
for $15.00 a month or so you can spend as much time on and number of servers "realms", charactors or "toons"
It can be a very social game with all the chats avalible /say /yell /local /local defence /trade /guild /party /whisper ect..
Its easy to spend too much of your time on here because the game N E V E R FUCKING ENDS there are countless things to waste your time doing,from raiding (large amount of peole grouping up to take on a common monstar or group of) with fourty-ten other players to instance be it heroic (harder than normal with improved lootz) or regular with five other people, to fighting Player vs Player (pvp) in from ten vs ten battlegrounds (bgs) to the largest at the moment of thirty nine vs thirty nine to earn honor and token for the respected "bg" you partake in, increasing your reputaion with the meny factions, the higher the rep. the better rewards avalible to you. Increasing your professions from which you can choose two:enchanting,tailoring,blacksmithing, mining ,engineering,jewelcrafting,skinning, leatherworking,herbilisem,alcamy
plus the basics that everyone can learn in addiation to the list above.firstaid,fishing,cooking.
or when all else fails spamming trade chat till you troll someone into arguing with you over what class is better.
1) I used to be a heroin addict but I gave it up to play World of Warcraft full time.

2) random gamer:/tradechat: Yay woooot lvl 70 beoch!
WoW lifer:/tradechat: STFU NOOB talk to me when you have 6 lvl 70s all with epic flight and full t6.

3)I lost my wife she took all three of my kids with her to her moms im 50k in debt from ordering take out and porno ppv my hands are like claws from holding the mouse and my acorn sized penis for weeks at a time, i think i shit my pants yesterday but im going to wait till after we run kara tomarrow to check..

4) three year old: "mommy/daddy im hungry can i eat today?
wow addict:ya when are you going to be able to get your own food noob im trying to find these motes of air in these gas clouds..IF I MISS ONE CAUSE YOU HAVENT EATTEN IN THREE DAYS... IM GOING TO BEAT YOUR ASS!" OWNED>>PAWN3D
by Teetymilk:Female Tauren Druid September 01, 2008
If I wanted to play a cartoon-like game full of fat 40-year-old cheeseburger dudes that make girl characters and try to flirt with the guys, I might as well just go play Runescape. HA!
Jim was an ordinary man with a good job, a girlfriend, and loads of cash he spent to do fun things with all his friends. One day, he bought World of Warcraft which he thought would be a fun new experience. Four months later he lost his job, his girlfriend, and all his friends but one which had the same fate as Jim. Jim now resorts in his mothers basement, talking to other poor, unfortunate men on Ventrilo.

This is a true story, my friends. Please consider your lives before playing this game.
by Hybrid Stigmata July 16, 2007
World of Warcraft™ is a Mmorpg (massive multiplayer online role playing game) created by Blizzard inc.

it's based on the Warcraft universe and have similar lore (Story) behind it.

By those who don't play it, it is known as a Social life killer that only nerds play.

Those who play it mostly thinks it's a great way to socialize with even more people then you could outside the game. This game have over 11 million active accounts!

Those who used to play and quit, calls it boring and stupid, and often refers to "vanilla" as being much better. in some cases they reject it completly and make fun of people playing it, just to come back and get popular with those who haven't played it at all.
"Blizzard Destroyed World of warcraft, i want vanilla wow back it was actually hard to get gear then....."
by Kilari January 27, 2010
a World Full of Nerd's troll's and. Midget's a place to Gather The oddest Wierdo's of Society n Talk about the the most Un-Usefull Thing's
They Only Have a Job to Support there WOW Gameing n Equipment.
( world of warcraft )WOW Did you do a Raid to Get The Queer Relic from The Butt Troll & Some Gay Gold to make you're Character even 20X more Gayer Then Last Night'
by Tommy/Jared February 20, 2009
a vast land where vergins and people with no life hangout . if you play this game you are doomed to a life of masterbation.
fools that play world of warcraft. tank, tim , caroll ,tims dad and much much more.
by Anfo/Ronald August 21, 2008
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