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Probably THE best MMORPG on the market today, and will continue to be for some time. It has a great combination of PVE/PVP content and is updated fairly consistently. The next expansion is due out (hopefully) sometime this year.

The one killing flaw of this game, however, is the community; it's the reason nobody's bothered curing cancer. You will NEVER find a ruder, more condescending group of arrogant, elitist jackholes than in WoW, and on any WoW-related message boards in particular. You ask a simple question, and a dozen of them start blasting you for something completely unrelated, such as the quality of your gear. Of course that's assuming you even get a MEANINGFUL response from them to begin with.

In-game is hit-or-miss, too. You'll find plenty of decent people that play casually most of the time, but other times you'll either have to deal with some pipsqueak 10-year-old with a microphone or one of the elitist jackholes above; both take the game WAY too seriously, and both will make you wish there were laws that keep these kinds of people from breeding.
You want an example? Go to the World of Warcraft boards at http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/child-forum.html?forumId=11119&sid=1 , pick a realm, and lurk around. You'll want to play some polish roulette immediately afterwards.
by Darkon711 August 03, 2008

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