Possibly one of the greatest MMORPG's to be released. Very casual-gamer friendly, and a great community. Each class has different attirbutes:

-Rogues may stealth and deal massive damage from close range. Cloth/Leather-wearer

-Mages are a high burst-damage dealer from far away with good crowd control abilities. Cloth wearer

-Warriors are a staple class available to any and all races. Able to take massive damage and draw enemy aggro to them. All types of armour and all weapons can be used by the Warrior.

-Priests are primary healers and can ALWAYS get a group. By specing in the Shadow talent tree they become excellent damage dealers but are very fragile. Cloth-wearer

-Paladins area hybrid Alliance-only class combining elements of the Warrior and a weak Priest. They are popularly supposed to have 3 lives due to their many Shield spells. They get a free mount but have higher training costs than other classes. Can wear all types of armour.

-Shamen are the Horde's hybrid class with more of a focus on spell-casting than melee damage. Many see them as overpowered, as they can melee and cast well, as well as heal. Uses totems to boost their power and support groups. Cloth/Leather/Mail-wearer.

-Hunters are the only class with an auto-shoot feature, relying on their special abilities, utilised through their ranged weapons, to win the fight. They also get pets (a tamed Beast-class mob) and traps (Freezing, Immolation and Explosion). They are able to kite the enemy very effectively. Cloth/Leather/Mail wearers.

-Warlocks are the 'evil' spell-casters of the Warcraft world, able to summon demons to help them in combat - a good thing as they are very fragile. Unlike the Mage, 'Locks rely on damage over time spells (DoTs) to help them win fights, and thanks to talents very rarely run out of mana. Their pets range from the Imp (a glass cannon), to the Voidwalker (able to take and maintain aggro) to the Infernal (of WCIII fame). They get a free mount but training costs are higher. Cloth wearers.

-Druids are only available to 2 races; Tauren and Night Elves. Communing with nature, the Druids are able to change their shape to suit their situation. They gain a Bear form (later Dire Bear) to tank in, a Cat form to deal damage and stealth, an Aquatic form to breathe underwater and move faster, and a Travel Form allowing a 40% speed increase. Cloth/Leather wearers.
Rogues are master gankers! Half the player base has at least 1 Rogue character!
by Scorch May 11, 2005
A game for the computer which involves running around and killing things and getting money. This game has no point and cannot be completed, so a waste of time. You pay £9 a month to play on something for no reason-

-its a waste of time
-its a waste of money
-its a waste of life
-you shall lose friends (but gain sad 'virtual friends')
-You shall become fatter and lazier
-You will be a failure in life

people will argue against this but its true, my friend use to come outside and play but I have not seen him for 2 weeks ever since he got the game.

If your going to buy this, don't become a sad,upsessed gimp, Do not play world of warcraft
Guy- Want to come outside?
fatguy- nah, just let me get to lvl 43 first!
guy- hows yoiur girlfriend?
nerd- Oh she broke up with me because I sepnt my money to play World of warcraft
by reiss is a geek April 26, 2006
a awesome game that i believe can do instead o feat food, sleep, work, go to school, and even have sex. therefore all u have to do is somehow $16.25 a month. after that u can do whaever u want
soo tired must sleep. crap
by adam sownie August 17, 2005
Its the best game ever! Once you get it, prepare, to.....have no life what so ever! It is extremely addicting. KICKASS GAME!!!
World Of Warcraft is a kickass game, get it, and join the Mal'Ganis Server!
by Big Rog. February 17, 2005
some mmorpg Joe and Miles play all the time
Joe stayed at home all day and played WoW
by AASman April 04, 2005
World of Warcraft is a game that football players play in their spare time to hone their stratetgic prowess during the down season.
"hey dude you wanna play football"
"hey dude wanna play world of warcraft"
by fredbobdude September 09, 2005
World of Warcraft, abbreviated WoW, is a computer game for losers who have absolutley no life. The only time WoW players see a real pussy in their life is when they come out of their mom's pussy at birth. The game is an addiction to those who play it, sometimes more addicting than drugs such as cocaine. WoW players spend 20 hours of their day playing this game. They never shower, and hardly ever eat and sleep. Anyone who plays this game is a retard who needs to get a damn life and the average IQ of the people in the world would jump dramatically if all of the WoW players were killed.
My roommate plays World of Warcraft constantly. He is failing all of his classes because WoW is more important than homework and studying to him. He never showers either and smells like shit.
by tp March 07, 2005
lol ppl say WoW is addictive which is true but it doesn't mean the ppl who play are smelly fat losers my friends and i who play are athletes and always doing something this just fills the void between 3am and 6am in the summer (if sober if not it a whole different experince) lol i do agree with the earlier statements of the ultimate test for a g/f though lol but the game doesn't require long hours of leveling up to have fun unlike most mmorpgs it actually rewards the casual player
unlike eq where u spend a month killing rats or runescape where u get killed by a woman
by jm69 June 22, 2005

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