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An anthropomorphic wolf designed by Blizzard to net in furfags, who will play the game to sexually fantasize about said wolves and cyber in the games inns. This in turn, will drive long time fans and customers away and cause normal people to quit playing the game. A worgen, basically, is something designed to turn Warcraft into a furfag utopia.
Wow, did you hear what those worgens were saying in the inn? What a bunch of stinking furfags!

Worgen make me sick, they can yiff in hell I'm quitting my Blizzard subscription.

They officially fucked that game up, with the introduction of worgen that give every furfag an erection.
by poolsclosedduetoebola May 14, 2011
Typically known as a low level Wolf Humanoid monster in The World of Warcraft, when spelled backwards it is known as a "Negrow." For those who know this, it is typically used to describe an individual as being lame, retarded and a faggot due to poor in-game performance or mistakes.
Dude, you pulled the wrong mob, you God damn Worgen!
by Escaper January 08, 2008
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