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Originating from MMorgs such as World of Warcraft. Woot meaning a cheer of joy/accomplishment; sauce, meaning flavorful and spreadable.

A form of happiness you wish to spread produced from an accomplishment or a joyous occasion.
Like omgzorz we wtfbbqpwned Ragnaros. WOOTSAUCE everyone!!!
by Alai October 16, 2005
A extreme form of the word "woot," often used to celebrate a joyous occasion.
"Zomg I just got my Nintendo Power in the mail today!!! Wootsauce!!!"
by Daywalk3r July 17, 2006
the best sauce in the world, used for awesome things that generally force you to unvoluntarily say, "WOOT!"
Me: Wootsauce! Friend: What?!? Me: Sorry, I got excited.
by bluewaffleeater July 07, 2010