unorganized person who always has ten little things that they are worrying about(usually worthless tasks). They fail to see the big picture and accomplish something that makes a difference. They Woo Ten as in things or people of no consequence.
The guy in that office was acting like a wooten and we lost a big client.
by dillio dan August 21, 2006
Top Definition
WOOTEN is a hip word that only the extremely cool people say. If you are bored with the word woot, just say wooten. people like it because it sounds like you are saying party in another language. best said in awkward situations, or when you are fist pumping.
Caroline: yea
Dani: haha
Caroline: yup
Caroline: ahahaha WOOTEN! I LIKE THAT!
by Cheesy Wonton April 27, 2011
Kristen's last name. No real good way to say it without sounding extremely southern.
Man: What's your last name?

Kristen: Wooten

Man: Wooen?

Kristen: No, Wooten

Man: Woo uh? Can you spell that?
by jacobaphoto November 23, 2010
Opposite of the expression "woot"
Woot: "It's payweek! Woot!"
Wooten: "Gotta pay the bills! Wooten!"
by CWG Brian January 31, 2011
Do something gangly.
When he put his feet up on the handlebars he pulled a wooten.
by benc April 23, 2006
an absolutly worthless person, a person who is bland and serves NO purpose on this planet.
Don't confuse with a drifter, but a person who fits in with society, just unnoticed and with no desire to be noticed.
my web technology teacher is a wooten
by buttplugin' doobie January 24, 2007
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