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a revelation with delicious consequences
A: I just found this new website. Check it out.
B: Oh, sweet wootcake!
by Ross Curry May 21, 2007
The term wootcakes commonly spelled like w00t with two zeroes instead of "O". This term is to exclaim great happyness such as the word w00t but with a more happy inflection and usually puts the user is in a good mood.
Wootcakes, Adam exclaims as he headshots his best friend in Counter Strike
by Adam Hill April 08, 2007
1. an expression of happiness or joy
2. joyful pancakes, incredibly awesome pancakes
1. dude, that party was totally Woot cakes!
2. I just had the best Woot cakes.
by Spencer19 February 16, 2009
the first definition of woot cakes is a combination of the words woot and pankcakes. I created it when I was at camp and I was thinking of pancakes and woot came into my head so I so I shouted out "Woot Cakes!" Woot Cakes it used as an expresion of happyniss and joy, or to express how cool something is.

the second definition is a slang for a Pizzelle
Call of duty 4 is Woot cakes!
That Party was Woot Cakes!

That was the Best Woot Cakes Ever!
by Spencer19 February 17, 2009
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