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expression of simplistic ecstasy
i think he likes me! woot woot
by Anonymous April 25, 2003
An expression one may utter in complete approval or joy.
"Woot Woot!" I said in agreement.
by Lindsay March 20, 2005
an expression of absolute happiness, totally euphorism
Woot woot, it's my birthday!!
by sam April 17, 2003
a term used in celebration.
Woot woot, I've got a girlfriend.
by Lord of the Fries January 30, 2003
usually said when you are excited.
the calling of the martinsburg colorguard.

can i get a woot-woot?
by wtfyasdnil:) December 30, 2009
a word for excitment
replaces the OLD word woohoo
I just won tje lottery, wootwoot
by Miss. Barefoot June 25, 2008
this phrase can be used anytime while excited or specifically happy.

can be used to describe having a party, or literally "party time"
im going over to garys for a hoppin party, woot woot!!
by emanbeastypants April 10, 2012