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the fat face. mostly used in texting. can describe many things, just use for any "fat" purpose.
yeah just finished all the cake:I
by emanbeastypants April 12, 2012
this phrase can be used anytime while excited or specifically happy.

can be used to describe having a party, or literally "party time"
im going over to garys for a hoppin party, woot woot!!
by emanbeastypants April 10, 2012
a symbol, used mainly in cyber situations, representing the act of putting up your pinkie and pointer finger and keeping down the rest of your fingers. this act shows various meaning all pertaining to rebelion or being a rebel.
ex1 derp was told he had detention all week for fighting but didnt show up, he went to the mall instead, totally badass.

ohhh yeahhh!!!! \nn/!!!!!
ex2 when i saw derp walking to the office and with

mr. strictmeyer i threw him a rebel sign \nn/
by emanbeastypants January 17, 2012

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