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1. A name for a clan of gamers that are extremely skilled or "leet". 2. I term used to exclaim happiness and accomplishment, can be used in almost any context.
Woot tang bananas up the tail pipe!
Woot tang clan aint nuttin to fuck with on counter-strike!
by Brucemang September 27, 2010

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1. "Woot Tang" is a term used when one is in extreem euphoria. Woot began as a hacker term for root or access to a computer. The term is often used by gamers. Tang literally refers to the orange drink.

2.One has just accomplished a monumental task.
1. I'm so happy with my new minivan woot tang!

2. Woot Tang I just aced a test!
by kramer of the bus August 28, 2005