Little furry teddy-like-things with two eyes attached.
I used these when I was a russ. Woopies' are really small. U can stuff a whole bunch in a bag. :)
Lol, Marchus and Steingrim has never heard of woopies before. Well, they have now.
by Some Cooler Guy April 26, 2006
Top Definition
a very entertaining word for sex. So much more fun to say too.
would you care to join me for some casual woopy?
by nessa<3woopy May 18, 2005
a pleasureable way of haveing sex
i have great woopy with my wife
by Ty February 21, 2003
Describes the state of euphora, like at a rave or some fun event. It started out as 'whoopy' as when you're so happy all you want to do is yell and whoop. then it simply became woopy.
Jaime: I've never been so woopy in my life!! This is the best day ever!
Max: What happened? Did you win the lottery or something?
by Jaime Sam January 03, 2011
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