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Sarcastic retort used in response to a comment that somebody has used to induce excitement or shock. Used with a sense of irony, in saying "woop-de-do", or even "woop-de-freaking-do", the second party is expressing indifference or mild annoyance at the content of the comment made.

Also used when one has excitedly passed on a piece of relatively unenlightening information.

Analogous with "so what", "oh wow!", "who cares", "big deal" and "o rly?".

1: OMFG I just killed Chris on Halo!!!!!1111one!!!!
2: Woop dee do......

1: YAY that hot guy just looked at me!
2: Well woop-dee-freaking-do!

1: Did you know that Dolphins can hold their breath for 666.23763548723 years??
2: Woop-dee-do...
by MrKapper December 07, 2005
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