A technophile who hangs out on enthusiast forums, usually devoted to game consoles, home theater systems, or mobile phones. Like the Star Wars creature, they are hairy, bellow in an unintelligible language and beat their chests at the sky when companies displease them.

Wookies spend their daylight hours writing angry letters to PR firms. At night, they write negative reviews on ePinions and TripAdvisor. On weekends, they gather with their WoW clan and whinge on the Facebook wall of companies they hate.

A Wookie's most vicious form of attack is the phrase "I'll never buy your product again as long as I live".
IT Slave: "Legal sent takedown notices on a couple of modders and now a pack of Wookies are trying to DDoS us."

PR Slave: "Fuck 'em".
by RazrBack February 24, 2011
another word for bootleg or fake.
Yo, look at that dudes Jordans...they don't even have the sign on it ... his shit is wookie.
by Bunnypick August 15, 2006
peacful nature loving hairy bipedal sentient creatures that occasionally help save the universe from the death star
chewbaccas my wookie
by liristus August 24, 2011
A very large Black Woman
Man can you believe that Wookie ate all my ribs and fried chicken.
by Gangstaloverboy June 21, 2010
the defeniton of wookie is when something is fake or not right.
Bob " Bill, you have some wookie J's"

Bill " NO? I bought them at Big T Bazaar"

Bob " Exactly, Wookie Store, Wookie Shoes!"
by eL lOcO 13 January 05, 2010
In the sport of Disc Golf, any putt that hits the pole.

Yep, cuz he did it so much, you would think he loves it.
"Dancing on that pole, Wookie time, who's got a dollar?"

"The way you were staring at that pole, we thought you meant to wookie"

"oh, the ever elusive roller wookie"

this definition of errant putting came after the donkey and the bailey and is sometimes played as a side bet still in the town of its founding- Fayetteville, Arkansas
by Flyin_G <had to live w/wookie January 10, 2012
To ejaculate into somebodys mouth an on to there face. Followed closely by ripping out some pubic hair (yours or theirs) an throwing it onto their face and into there mouth. After doing this grab their throat and choak then untill you get the desired effect of them making a wookie sound as the semen gargles in their throat.
I wookied your mum
I wookied your girlfriend

I gave her a wookie
I her her/him got wookied
by jellylerch February 09, 2011

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