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A vagina that has been shorn bare.
A shaved vagina with no trace of remaining hair.

"Susan shaved everything yesterday.....EVERYTHING. Now she has a wooget."
by mudley October 03, 2005

*can only be used upperclassmen (preferably seniors)
dude check out the raunchy woogs this year. - senior guy

ahhh, my car is getting attacked by the woogets! - sophmore
shut the fuck up dude, your a fucking sophmore, you cant say that - smart person
by Maddayyy October 04, 2009
A young, virgin pussy with no hair (a.k.a. female jailbait)
I got some wooget last night.
by Rob D September 16, 2004
A slang term for Native American people.
The woogets are having a drum circle out at the rez.
by fdapolice99 October 28, 2010
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