a very informational way to explain a diarrhea type of poopy
you might not want to go in there for a while a made a bunch of wood grain
by Akuknox June 10, 2008
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wood paneling in a luxury car, i.e. a maybach
'chrome and some wood grain'
-Position of Power, 50 Cent
by Brotha Sexual December 19, 2006
The material on your dashboard, duh
We ride 24s or betta with woodgrain and leather
by Tonipimpin05 January 06, 2005
a prisoners way of asking another prisoner for a cigarette. started when smoking wasnt allowed in prisons the prisoners would ask each other in these means for a cigarette knowing that the warden or any other prison employee didnt know what it meant.. all in all a woodgrain is a cigarette.
what it do kinfolk, let me get a woodgrain.
by low-key March 02, 2007
In the American South, refers to Marijuana, or Cannabis Sativa; C. Indica. Refer to "Yean heard" by Dirty for full explanation
"it's that weed, reefa, marijuana, herb down here we call it that wood
off in tha south YEANHEARD"
by MadVillain May 07, 2005
Weed, Pot, Herb, Marry-j, often reffered in the present sence.
damn nigga i always be grippin the wood grain, even when i be sippin on the drink!!
by double J June 28, 2006
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