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Top notch hoe pullin type stuff.
The matters talked about in interacting with a fine woman at the club
Man you see that fine skeezer over there? She must have been spit Heet's Game
by FINEST187 April 23, 2008
When the driver sits in the passenger seat while an attractive and agile woman climbs on top to perform a fascinating position. When she gets in the proper position she will be resting her hands on the dash bouncing up and down. In a "baller"'s case, he's vechile would be equipped with a Wood Grain Dash. These are usually found in Luxury SUVs like the Escalades.
I was banging that hott bitch and had her Grippin Wood Grain in my Escalade
by FINEST187 April 24, 2008
The act of using the ugly girl to manipulate your way into relationships with her hot friends.
Guy 1: Man, why are you even dating that ugly skeezer?
Guy 2: Dude, i'm using her to get to her hott friends.
Guy 1: Really?
Guy 2: Yes. Peter Parker baby!
by FINEST187 May 08, 2008

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