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the term wonton wonder is used to describe a spectacular metrosexual beast of chinese descent. whilst his homosexual tendencies are famous world-over, the jolly chinaman is still revered by his peers due to his exceptional knowledge and understanding of the scientific world. whilst the term can be used in a derogatory fashion i.e. 'fuck you wonton wonder you dirty chinaman, it is more commonly used to praise the elegant creature after a well received joke or witticism. whilst the wonton wonder may be a well-liked member of the group, his over zealous metrosexual tendencies may cause him to be on the receiving end of homophobic remarks
e.g. #1 (derogatory manner)
wonton wonder: hey guys wanna go buy some clothes and compare penises?

unfortunate acquaintance: dude, fuck.... wonton u metro

e.g. #2 (complementing)
wonton wonder: confucious say man who sit on toilet high on pot
acquaintance: HAHAHAHAH wonton u lej
by playa from the himalaya June 11, 2009
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