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An atomically explosive, dangerous blast from the rectum (butt-toot chamber) that will bring about the desimiation of the human race and every subspecies. It's horrible stench is the main elimination factor along with the hurricane winds that it produces as well as the green gaseous substance that lingers in the air for several decades. The blast is so strong that people's skin has been reported to have been singed off in a radius of 5,000 miles.
The notorious wonko of 2060 left the Earth unfit for life.
Used in a way of saying Crazy, Weird, Ignorant or just Freaky.
Hello Gorgeous! If you're watching this you're obviously back at Stargate Command. And you're probably thinking everyone around you has gone completely wonko. With the exception of Daniel who, let's face it, was always a little bit
by Janurell August 17, 2016
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