Spanglish slang: when someone's appearance looks a little sloppy; often in reference to uncombed hair.
were you in a hurry this morning? you look all wongo.
by wastinmoola January 24, 2004
if something is stretched out beyond use. or loose.
my socks won't stay up they're all wongo.
by timmy21 January 19, 2009
noun; boobies, titties. preferably of the large variety, but not a necessary component of the word. wongos are typically nice, full breasts; generally not saggy. they are found in all regions of the world.
Will: "Hey, check out those wongos! What a pair!"

James: "I'd like to drippity drippity on her wongos! They look as good as Scarlett Johansen's!"

Michael: "I like her, but she's lacking in the wongo department"
by chaicreampie March 04, 2012
additive to wanker
can be used as an insult
or in confusion
thats wongo man

you wongo wanker
by zafo April 24, 2003

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