You just wake up from a glorious night filled with passion, intercourse, and sado masachism. Your hungry and French Toast sounds perfect. Instead of dipping your bread in a bowl filled with cracked eggs, you dip it into a bowl filled with vagina juice. You fry them up perfectly and enjoy them with butter, syrup, and a little cum.
O baby, that wonderbread hit the spot perfectly after that awesome night!
#sex #sado masachism #vagina #vagina juice #cum
by Ginger Lariat June 24, 2011
Top Definition
a term for those of the Caucasian race; in common usage by the members of the african american persuasion. Carries with it a derrogatory nature. (implied cracker, honkey, chalky, or in the strictest terms : whitey)
Hey wonderbread get the fuck off my 68 impala, shit's got hydro's mother fucker.
by Matt February 24, 2004
A discrimitory word used towards white people.
Shut the fuck up you wonderbread
by ninny February 21, 2004
A white guy.
I got called "wonderbread" by a group of holligans last night.
by Vegas March 28, 2003
a. a white person

b. any other person who acts white
pasty-Wow sure is nice weather we're having
Gangster-Shut up wonder bread, or I'll toast yo white ass!
#white #crack #wonder #bread #black #not asian #grrr
by roarybubbs911 March 29, 2010
a slang term for a white person. kind of like 'NIGGA', it is used by white people as nigga is for black peeps.
dude one: hey wonder bread
dude two: what ho?.. haha
dude one: haha wats up
#white bread #honkey #white boy #cracker #white hoe
by jake kosorok October 16, 2006
White person who is so happy to be white that he/she acts very silly and always giggles.

He/she also thrives in all-white country clubs, Irish Pubs, and usually drives a Jeep Wrangler with a baseball cap, or a VW Jetta.
Guy: "Who's that corny MF wearing the Abercrombie & Fitch Shirt driving the Green Jeep Wrangler?'

Guy#2: "Aww..that's some cracka rockin' dat Wonderbread status in full effect!...What a LOSER...BAHAHAAHHAA!!"
#white people #corny #vw jetta #jeep #nazi
by Smoothpoppa September 16, 2006
Best friend in the entire world. Friend to Burnt Toast
Wonderbread, your the shizz!
#friends #love #bestie #bread #friendship
by T0astedSmurf July 07, 2011
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