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A lighthearted phrase that indicates a loss.; A sound of loss heard on a gameshow. (first womp is a higher frequency sound than the second womp)
ex 1:
Friend 1: "Hey man, I can't find the list of people who were interested in joining the chess club"

Friend 2: womp womp, maybe it's a sign for you to stop being lame

ex 2:
Friend 1: HAHAHA, that girl didn't give you her phone number...wonk wonk.

Friend 2: What did you just say? The proper phrase is 'womp womp'. What are you? An idiot or something? womp womp.
by Perry Johnson August 15, 2006
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A mid-sized, adorable rodent that resides exclusively on the campus of Vassar College. They are everywhere and like to rise up on their hind legs to nomnom on low branches. When startled, these creatures womp-womp away.

(Btdubs, it's a groundhog)
Vassar Student 1: Woah! Look at the Womp-womp by Strong!

Vassar Student 2: Bah! You scared it, you hipster. Now it's womp-womping away.
by VirtualToasters May 14, 2011
Sound Charlie Brown's teacher makes when she talks. Directly translates to "I don't care."
Kid 1: Oh no! I failed my test!
Kid 2: Womp-Womp, should've studied dumbass.
by Randal M. March 22, 2007
A person of female gender, with a voluptuous booty
(Big booty bitch walking by)

Derek:Womp Womp!!

Caleb: DAMNNN, that girl gotta womp womp!
by WompWompMasta May 11, 2009
it's a case where you listen to to much dubstep and you start to here "womp womp" in your head
Bob:Hey did you hear that?
John:No what is it?
Bob:it sounds like womp womp
by neonnyancat July 10, 2011
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