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The swinging and colliding action of two men's scrotum during anal intercourse.
Bobby and Danny's nutsacks were engaged in heated wombat combat.
by E. Roger Coswell June 08, 2005
The act of degrading a female during intercourse. Most common is when your boys run in high fiving you, and you continue to high five while continually pile driving said female. Other methods include screaming bizzare phrases such as "This is Sparta!", power bombing her, or really any type of shenanigans. Bonus points if you finish, and she doesnt call the police.
1) I hooked up with Carla Jean last night. As I was giving it to her, my buddy Enrique ran into the room, High Fiving me, and screaming our unit slogan. Of course I kept going.I engaged in "Wombat Combat"
#wombat combat #sex games #rodeo #high fiving #high five #army fun #fucking #sex #fuck
by Blue_Water November 14, 2011
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