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A wolfer is when you have a small wolf instead of a penis.
Get your wolfer out of my face.

Wolfers, them shits is disgusting.
by jewmachine March 02, 2007
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Someone who sells a lot of wolf tickets; lies.
Damn, the home said there would be hella hoes at the parlay tonight but that fool's a wolfer.
by Teddy Tedd January 11, 2015
A wolf, when caught in a snare in the wild, will often times go to extreme measures to get out of the trap. Often times wolves will actually chew their own leg off to get back to freedom.

This rarely happens, but is often recited when a drunken one-night-stand goes bad.

I just got out of there....she was lying on my arm; I almost needed to pull a wolfer...
by mk November 04, 2003

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