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very similiar to a donkey punch but instead of hitting in the back of the head, you used outstretched fingers and jab into the throat
my missus became immune to the donkey punch, so i took it to the next level , the wolf bang
by funkdeviant August 16, 2006
The jailhouse or private all male school term of engaging in the act of anal sex with a bitch, whilst the daddy enters two or three fingers into aforementioned bitches throat to force violent vomiting thereby making the bitches anus tighten and heightening the enjoyment of the anal sex to the daddy.
"i didnt just toss this homies salad, i wolfbanged him/her"

"i was gonna go easy on him/her but i decided to wolfbang him/her"
by Chuck Hernandez January 26, 2004
To perform a "Wolfbang" correctly, a male must be having sex with his partner from behind and then carrys out the following actions to sucessfully complete the "Wolfbang"
A./ Quickly and unannounced the male slips his erect penis up into his partners anus and rides it vigourously
B./ At the same time the male puts his right hand forward and between his partners breasts and shoves his two fingers from the extended hand down her throat.
C./ Just as the male is about to ejaculate, he shoves his fingers further down his partners throat and when she gags on his fingers, her anus will tighten and with that, the male must howl like a wolf while he completes his ejaculation
The night was going really well for John and Mary, he was so romantic, that was until he got her home and forced her into a "Wolfbang"
This would be another variation of the already infamous Irish BullDog
by vixdname July 01, 2011
The act of inserting meat such as bacon into the orrifice (vagina/anus) of a recipient and then ceremoniously feeding them the meat after it has been allowed to soak up some of the internal juices.
I went shopping for sausages for an eventual wolfbang later.

I enjoy a wolfbang listening to the works of wolfgang mozart.
by Sly Syph October 28, 2006
Facial hair that grows across from the ears such as on the cheekbones, usually noticeable with a fully growing beard.

Synonym with "Wolf Chops." Funny because Mutton Chops are a facial hair style that grows along the cheek and jawbone, its as if the "wolves" are after the "mutton" or "sheep" or maybe they are just playing together as friends in the Garden of Eden on the human face symbolically. Religious reference nothing gross or creepy intended. You know like a nice mental image, trees and animals and flowers and nice weather and things like that. Oh and Adam and Eve and Angels and God, they were there in every Bible, weren't they?
A - That guy's got a beard all the way up to his eyelids.
B - They call that "Wolf Bangs," like the fantasy hero "Wolverine."
A - Cool, people are interesting.
by Natural Light in the Clouds November 04, 2012
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