Pussy that is so hairy that your afraid to stick it in for it will bite your dick off
Josh said i would not stick it because that wolf pussy was so hairy in for fear that it would break so i got some head
by Melwaniz May 06, 2015
An abnormally large, very hairy (almost fur like) vagina sometimes having a greyish hue to it. Something you dont want to insert your penis in.
Randy sure is on the decline, i heard hes stickin it in some girl with a wolf pussy.
by CrazedCountryRebel June 22, 2012
A wolf pussy is the nickname when ones last name is "wolf" and they are a pussy.
Zach- "Hey Wolf Pussy! get your ass over here!"
Tyler- "Alright Dude."
by WHITEPOWERranger July 06, 2011
synonym of bullshit and shenanigans; deception;
person 1: last girl i dated was eva mendes.

person 2: liar, i wolf pussy that statement!
person 1: ok, she was look like her i swear!
by thequietsqurriel January 22, 2012
Extremely unpleasant smelling.
Booga's mama's breath smell like wolf pussy and hot garbage.
by dole23b September 05, 2005
not a full mustache but scraggly and dark enough to see... especially on a nigger bitch or dark-haired teenaged boy..
William: Damn son, you needs to shave that wolf pussy.

James: I know, but I don't have a razor

Dede and Craig:Damn Ms Pearly, you need to line up that ol' wolf pussy

Ms Pearly: Don't worry bout it bitch, i got someone who like it
by The great White Directv Man April 01, 2011
a nasty hoe,bitchass,with some nasty ass fuckin shit.
yo mama got some nasty wolfpussy
by john cane May 10, 2005

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