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Anyone who has served time at Kunsan Air Base Korea "Wolf Pack"
You aint been packed til you've been "Wolf Packed"
See how that Sargeant walks, he's been "Wolf Packed"
by Ken Gman February 12, 2008
When a group of men swarm upon a woman's Jimmy or John, all copulating with the orifice of choice within a short timeframe of one another.
"I was clocking up time in the green room when I saw a woman desperate to have her Jimmy wolfpacked. Got me mates around and ended up wolfpacking her John too."
by nothingtonothing April 15, 2007
When a available female becomes surrounded by pack of horny males trying to pick her up.
We were out at the bar with our buddies last night and the chick we brought with totally got wolfpacked.
by gadfly1911 May 07, 2011