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A noise-booty shakin metal band from ann arbor, Michigan. Unpredictable at times and crazy as fuck. One of the best bands.
man, that (wolf eyes) jam was fucking sick.
by Al-tron August 25, 2004
The Eyes Of A Wolf.
the wolf was starring at me with hunger in his lonely wolf eyes.
by sonjz bonzz June 21, 2007
Someone whose eyes are always half-shut, so they look like they are stoned. Usually those with wolf eyes are the people who don't smoke weed, but still know how to have a good time.

However, if you can get someone with wolf eyes to smoke weed, magical things will happen.
"That girl is baked."
"Nah dog, she just got wolf eyes."
"No shit?! Lets smoke her out and go to Narnia!!!!"
by tdell December 20, 2011

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