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n. the act of anal sex followed by a blowjob
My first offer was a blumpkin but she haggled me down to a wolf cookie. She drove a hard bargain. But, in the end, there are only winners in this game.
by Manhattan Transfer March 23, 2003
when you fuck a girls ass and she sucks your dick after.
if i only had a picture of it lol
by skyler rips! January 26, 2005
When ya fuck her in the ass, then stick it in her mouth.
Hey babe, you ready for your wolf cookie?
by Craig-James August 01, 2006
When you jizz on a girls mouth then the morning after she rolls the jizz off her face with her fingers into a ball and pops that shit into her mouth. Y eah baby.
Yeah dude, bitch was cray. Sucked on my wolf cookies all morning, I threw up a little bit in my mouth.
by Lythagyd April 14, 2013
When a person has anal sex and cums inside of their partner, and said partner deficates the rsulting fecal matter is refeered to as a wolf cookie.
I knew my boyfriend loved me when he ate my wolf cookies.
by Don Keynuts April 17, 2011
when you eat a chick out and then you wake up the next morning and take the crust around your mouth (from her vagina) roll it up into a ball and eat it.
"We bet matt wouldnt make a wolf cookie and eat it....he did"
by holi64 July 10, 2008
When you blow your load in a chicks ass, suck it out, & then spit it in her face.
That bitch Brittney is such a slut, she let me give her Wolf Cookies all night last night!
by Jennuhhhhh October 03, 2008
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