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Analy penetrating a women while she throws up so a suction is created on your penis
she sucked me good when we wolf banged last night
by Hex April 19, 2005
When you partake in anal sex, when the man is about to orgasm he sticks his fingers down his partners throat to make them puke, thus making her arse hole muslce tighten and make the orgasm feel better.
Arrrgh wolfbanging is horribel!!
by Tom December 31, 2004
The extremely sexual and erotic act of making anal love to a goose, and upon the point of climax, slamming said goose's head in a chest of drawers so as to highten climax with the goose's anal spasming and consiquent loosening of bowels
So, erm been up to much?
I had a wolfbang last night.
Any good?
Yeah sure... It was some gooood wolfbanging
by Jacob P Dizzle May 07, 2008

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