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Originally "wakka wakka wakka" as uttered by Fozzie the Bear of Muppet fame. Fozzie wanted to be a comedian. Unfortunately, he was terrible. The threefold utterance was part of Fozzie's act. The shortened version has gained usage as an expression of delight, exultation or lust (sometimes all at the same time).
Fozzie: !Ahhhhhh! Wakka-wakka-wakka! Thank YOU, thank YOU, and thank YYYYOU!!
by AGC August 10, 2004
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the appropriate thing to say if you are a stand-up comedian who happens to be a bear that wears a bow tie and a hat.
hey, I just flew in from pittsburgh and boy are my arms tired! wokka wokka wokka
by Paul Brand August 11, 2004
The sound that Pac-Man makes as he moves across the screen, of course!
Pac-Man: wokka wokka wokka wokka wokkka BEEP DOO DA BEEP BEEP!
by BradyChan7 August 06, 2004
The sound of Fozzie Bear's (a character from children's program The Muppet Show) chuckle.
A man walks into a bar -Ouch! wokka wokka wokka
by jololli August 11, 2004
What intoxicated Yalies sing in The Wiffenpoof Song.
Chadwick really tied one on; and walked around scenic New Haven singing "Wokka Wokka."
by Duckbutt August 07, 2004
Used to describe the sound of somebody being rammed from behind. Often used when somebody makes a reference to somebody "being on the jock" of a rapper.
wokka wokka jump off Eminem's dick saltine
by Brian August 08, 2004

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