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A noun used for cute dogs or puppies. Mostly used to show excitment and enthusiasm upon meeting a new dog or to show love to an important dog.
Billy took his woggie to the park to play fetch.
by unfricken August 28, 2009
11 4
when you have a soggy wad of shit in your pants :)
"OH SHIT! I just woggied myself!"
by crapper nuggets October 10, 2009
8 5
A pejorative term for North American aboriginal people.
"Look at that woggie over there, huffing gas and drinking Scope."
by Kakarott May 02, 2006
10 8
A codename for a cigarette used mainly but only occasionally in the Burbank, Glendale region of California. Derived from the word Stog(stoggie).
"Dude I'm so faded!"

"I know, let's boost our high with a woggie."
by December 11, 2008
1 4