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wo0t is a term (i dunno if its a gamer term or not) used to express confusion; the raised eyebrow. (also used- wo0ties)
"laura just added me on msn.. wo0t"
by pajama pants December 23, 2004
3 58
What you say when something very exciting or accomplishing has happened to you.
"Wo0t! I got an A on my math test"
"Wo0t! I got a coupon!"
by Carltoast February 28, 2004
44 12
woot is a gamers term probably originated from some r.p.g. (role playing game) that is translated into a cheer also know as "We own (the) 0ther team" or <w00t>
Wo0t u guys just got pwned
by Shize9ine October 04, 2004
54 23
proper spelling of the word "woot"
wo0t! wo0t!
by Kat WHEEEE!! June 24, 2004
60 31
proper spelling of the word woot, AND it's like another word for woohoo
"wo0t that's great!"
by sophie January 31, 2005
14 8
woot is a gamers term probably originated from an r.p.g. (Dungeons and dragons i think) being a combination of "Wow" and "Loot"
Guy walks into a cavern and finds some gold and says "Wo0t"
by Radioactivemonkeys.com_Harvey November 01, 2004
11 22