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3 definitions by Carltoast

What you say when something very exciting or accomplishing has happened to you.
"Wo0t! I got an A on my math test"
"Wo0t! I got a coupon!"
by Carltoast February 28, 2004
44 12
A word used in place of 'bitch' to get the word across without the chat board censoring it.
U 13ITCH!!!1one1 I M GUNNA KIL U!!!11
by Carltoast January 18, 2004
36 15
To Bus someone(or to pull a bus on someone) (V):

To inconspicously push someone into their "crush".
(Derrived when i did that to a friend right before boarding a bus)
"Man, I pulled a bus on Mary and she was so mad!"
by Carltoast February 28, 2004
4 3