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wnkbr, pronounced 'wankbear', is used to show innuendo. also used to show that you mean something in a dirty way.

wnkbr originated from an abbreviation of the dutch word 'wenkbrauw', meaning 'eyebrow'. this abbreviation was (and is) used as keycombination for making an emoticon appear who wiggles his eyebrows on msn messenger. it later moved from msn to different chatrooms where the emoticon would not appear. those not dutch, perceived the 'wnkbr' to mean 'winkbear' or 'wankbear'. these days it is used a lot on sites like twitter (#wnkbr) to show the world you mean what ever you're saying in a dirty way.
jane: you're crazy
john: you don't even know half how crazy i am #wnkbr
by ilsehugsbeatles August 14, 2010
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