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WLOD is an acronym for *white* *light* *of* *death*. Similar in nature to a BSOD (blue screen of death) that millions of Windows users experience every year, the WLOD is an error message for the Xperia X10 smart-phone (manufactured by Sony Ericsson). This error is distinguished by a blank, but noticeably lit screen, and a white notification light. The only way to alleviate the suffering you will experience from a WLOD is to remove the battery from the smart-phone, put it back in, and turn it back on.

Generally the WLOD stems from a faulty update, or a buggy custom kernel being flashed to the device.
'Goddamit, I just flashed this custom rom and I got a WLOD!'
by Deveron August 25, 2011
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