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Polish vocabulary: 'vjip'

A short for name of a cat "Watjubki". This word is very popular in Rembrige culture, used escpecially by young people. It's became a symbol of joy, happiness and fun. It's similiar to w00t, lol and rotfl.

"wjb" is a:

1) exclamination used to describe joy and happiness

2) verb /rarely used/ (fancy actions)

3) adjective (describing something that is cute)

4) noun /seldom used/ (cute and sweet objects)
1) omg! i pwnd sebo! wjb!
2) I've wjb'd my cat. I enjoy it!
3) What a wjb pen. I must buy it!
4) Wjb has ranaway!!!
by pntr April 21, 2006
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