Top Definition
1. To take a piss.
2. Cannabis, marijuana. From 'weed'.
3. Speed, amphetamine.
1. "I just gotta hang a whizza, I'll be right back."
2. "Can you pick up a bag of wizza on yo' way over."
3. "I spent the weekend on the wizza. I'm scattered as today."
by Diego September 11, 2003
a word of power and respect, if you're wizza, then your the best at what you do, which is kickin ass and getting bitches, because you're one of the few people able to kick ass on a daily basis, everyone wants to be like you, you're so awesome people can't even comprehend your awesomeness
man i wish i was like wizza, cause then i'd be bangin all them fly bitches and kick ass like he does...
by Johnny Wicks September 10, 2006
Term used to describe a junior adm0ng or moderator of a gaming forum. Predominantly involved in running errands for the more established and senior members of the community. Often seen in or about the kitchen, fetching tea for the rest of the team.
One could do with a wizza what.
by Lard July 27, 2004
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