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A growing imageboard site revolving around depression, virginity, and the reclusive NEET lifestyle. The site bans discussions of romantic relationships or social activities. The site is also home to a fair number of weebs, loli-fans, and imageboard veterans. This is likely due to the large amount of crossover between these things and 20-something year old virgins. Currently their most popular board is /v9k/ which is dedicated to all things depression and >tfwnogf. Their other boards include /wiz/, /hob/, /meta/, and /b/.

It is currently the most popular imageboard using the Tinyboard configuration with over 100 unique posters a day.
Wizardchan has the most (NEET) users on the net. I wonder if their mana will protect their virginity?
by TakkunsAbusiveUncle October 05, 2013

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