A common phrase used before criticizing someone to avoid violent confrontation.
Bob: With all due respect Steve, you're useless. Incompetence itself.

Steve: Where the fuck is my "due" respect?
by Luna Love February 22, 2010
Top Definition
a statement said before you give an insulting comment. generally to not get the person pissed off...
with all due respect, you look like a dog getting raped by a horse, fag.
by Kameron Ackermann April 11, 2008
A term that is used to diffuse the impact of an insult. This has been used, albeit to poor effect, in parliament.
Paul Gogarty, a member of Ireland's Green Party, unloaded some fairly colourful language on Labour Party member Emmet Stagg during a debate using this term.

"With all due respect and in the most unparliamentary language, f**k you Deputy Stagg, f**k you, ". He then added, "I apologize now for my use of unparliamentary language."
by PMcP April 14, 2010
A statement that when you hear you know your reply should be FUCK YOU!
Tom: With all due respect, I don't fancy you..I only fancy hot women.
Sheila: With all due respect, fuck you!
by madsb October 31, 2009
A polite way of saying "Kiss my ass."
Kaiden: With all due respect Gunnery Chief, it's really not your decision.

Ashely: Why is it when someone says "with all due respect" they really mean, "kiss my ass"?
by Grizzly2O February 16, 2011
another way to say "listen to me, you stubborn idiot!"
with all due respect, you should keep your hands off my keyboard.

with all due respect, keep that shit to yourself.
by charles chau April 09, 2008
The only time you would use this little phrase is when you are going to insult someone to the point of pissing them off. Just because you say it doesn't mean you can say whatever you wish afterwards, and if someone has a comeback to your insult you can't throw it in their face that you said, "With all due respect." You should use this phrase wisely, you might piss your girlfriend off with it! :-)
Anthony-"With all due respect, you three look gay..."

Kylie-"Don't even get us started on you!"

Anthony-"I SAID WITH ALL DUE RESPECT, that means i can say what ever i want and you can't get mad or offended. you 3 look like tools!"

Kylie- "And just because you said, "with all due respect" it doesn't mean you can say whatever you want it simply means, CAUTION I'M GOING TO BE AN ASS WITH THIS COMMENT AND I WILL REGRET IT LATER!!"
by Boycotting You! September 04, 2008
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